Level I Educational classes designed to provide information about substance abuse problems (physical, psychological and sociological), legal aspects of substance abuse and community treatment resources.

Level II  A course for those who have a detectable history of problems associated with alcohol/drugs. Material presented follows the Level I program but is more intense.

Level III  Offender is directly referred into an appropriate treatment program as indicated by the evaluation process. These individuals have been assessed as chemically dependent.

Alabama Youth and Juvenile Program  The purpose of the Youth and Juvenile Educational Program is to help reduce the number of alcohol and other drug related crimes in the state. This program provides important information and offers an opportunity to build a plan that will help youth meet their personal goals for the future.Juveniles charged with DUI, MIPA, POM, Truancy, CHINS and any other drug or alcohol related charge can be referred to this program. (ages14-21).

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