Some of Cahaba Center’s best-loved events are our annual Special Olympic Basketball Classic and our annual local Special Olympic Track and Field Competitions.

The annual Special Olympic Basketball Classic has been held at the Wallace Community College Selma (WCCS) gymnasium for the past twelve years. Competitions range from our own program participants in Dallas, Perry, and Wilcox Counties to visiting teams from Dothan, Mobile, Tuscaloosa, Chatom and Montgomery. A group of student volunteers assist in refereeing the games, running the scoreboard and time clock, and cheering on the participants. This Basketball Classic is usually held in February every year.

Cahaba Center’s annual local Track & Field Competition is perhaps the largest local competition held in the state and is definitely one of the oldest. This annual Special Olympic Event began in 1979 and has grown each year. Approximately 125 Special Olympic athletes participate locally with a team of 25 also traveling from Chatom, Alabama. Volunteers now number approximately 300 and the whole community looks forward to and comes out to support this event. Cahaba Center athletes go on to participate in State competition every year, and we have had athletes to compete both nationally and internationally. Local competition is held at Bloch Park in late March or early April.

For further information about Special Olympics, you may contact the Director of Special Olympics at 334-418-6506. To volunteer for any of these events, please contact our Developmental Disabilities Director at 334-875-2100.

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